Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sunday Vibe : You Belong Here

If you are on this earth, you belong here.  No human being has the power to place a value on your self worth based on their own biases, beliefs, societal, cultural, or familial teachings. You belong here.  

Art Quotes : Art Is The New Black

And the new white.

Friday, November 25, 2016

New Facebook Page, Y'all!

Yeah, I created a new Facebook page. I had to. So here's the deal with that: back in the day, when I created my business page, I did just that - I created a business page. Back then, I didn't know about aaaallll the different pages of Facebook, with aaaallll the different functions. I had no idea about a "personal page" being attached to a business page and blah, blah, blah, now I've got them both and they're attached, so come Like me, won't 'cha?

Cute + Snarky Christmas Cards

Here's a couple of [snarky] Christmas cards that I just finished and added to the shop. The rest of the set will be added over the weekend.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving To One and All!

Here's to hoping that you have a happy, safe and delicious Thanksgiving in every way!

Monday, November 21, 2016

New Art : The Girl With The Sideways Glance

That girl with the red afro-puffs, black lipstick and sideways glance...

I made her after seeing my work on someone's Instagram page with no credit whatsoever (thus, the sideways glance). I'm always struck when I see people sharing artists' work with no credit given. The first thing I think when I see art is: WHO IS THE ARTIST? The 2nd thing I think is, if this person who so carelessly, disrespectfully and thoughtlessly, shares another person's work, was actually the person who spent hours, days, or weeks conceiving of an idea, then sitting in a room, by themselves, working for hours, days or weeks to execute their idea until completion, only to have someone feel entitled to share what they created and gave them no credit, they would feel exactly the same as any creator would feel.

Anyway, I'm crushing on this girl, so you'll be seeing a couple of different versions of this one. She's on her way to my shop.

Art Quotes : Paid

Nothing in life is free; and art shouldn't be the one thing that is. Am I right?

Thought it was a good idea to start writing some art quotes in the same vein as my soap quotes that I started writing months ago.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Very Me Project : Journal Samples For Sunday's Workshop

I'm getting ready for The Very Me Project, Self-Love Journal Making Workshop this Sunday. Here are a couple of samples that I made to give you an idea of what we'll be doing, but you'll be designing and making your journal to suit your own taste with the many items I'll be bringing, like stamps, stencils, colored pencils, decorative papers, buttons, jute, string, crayons and a bunch of other stuff that I'll find in my studio between now and Sunday.

Round up your friendies and head on over to Revolutionary Grounds Books & Coffee this Sunday at 12:00 noon!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Very Me Project : DIY Workshop : November 20th

About The Workshop

Who:    Tracyville
What:   The Very Me Project Launch + DIY Workshop How To Make Upcycled Self-Love Journals
When:   Sunday, November 20th
Where:  Revolutionary Grounds Books & Coffee

Come join me for food, fun, freebies and crafting, as we launch my new community art project, The Very Me Project. To celebrate the kick-off, I'll be giving away some handmade goodies to the 1st couple of attendees AND I'll be having a giveaway and one grand prize winner will receive one of my brand new prints from The Very Me Project art series! Price of the workshop is $10.00 if you buy online and $15.00 at the door. Bring friends! It's gonna be fun!!

About The Very Me Project

The Very Me Project is all about you. This community based art project is a celebration of your glorious one-and-only-self. It's all about 1) being unapologetically you in the face of intolerance, judgment, mockery and haters...and even loved ones and 2) the practice of self love and tolerance through art, inspirational writings, photography and workshops - all meant to educate, enlighten and unify.

To be very you is to be unapologetic about who you are in a society that insists on telling us overtly and subliminally to hate countless things about ourselves. Not only is society telling us to dislike ourselves, but sometimes we find that the people who are closest to us, are highly intolerant and judgemental of our personalities, how we act, how different we are from them, how we carry ourselves, how we dress, what comes out of our mouths, etc. The Very Me Project is a creative reminder to practice tolerance around others' differences.

On November 20th , I kick off the project with a Self-Love Journal Making Workshop at Revolutionary Grounds and I hope you'll join me for a wonderful gathering of fun, food, freebies and awesome vibes!

I've also created some new artwork inspired for the project that you can snag from my shop ... just in time for the holidays - hey, hey! 

TVMP Questionnaire

Take this wee questionnaire to see if you're a club member.

. Do you have loved ones who show great intolerance and judgment around your personality and your way of being?

. Are there people in your life who are always pointing out how different you are from them?

. Do you know people who talk about your personality in your face, in front of others and behind your back?

. Are you silly and serious people are put off by that?

. Are you around people who act like your way of being is wrong and their way of being is right?

. Are you a girl who prefers to rock boys' clothing and people have intolerance around it?

. Are you a boy who likes to wear nail polish and makeup and you've got haters because of it?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions (from a list that could go on and on), then you are part of The Very Me Project community. Come join us November 20th to chill and have fun in an intolerance-free zone. :)

The Very Me Project : Art Series

The shop has re-opened and I'm filling it with holiday goodies for your space that celebrate who you are. This is one of my brand new drawings from my new art project - The Very Me Art Project. Go check out what's in the shop and see if anything resonates with you, or if something speaks to you for a loved one. 

The Writing Files No. 3 : Sabor


there was that day.
there was that evening.
there was that space

brimming with so many beautiful ones
and we fit in like perfect puzzle pieces.

many bejeweled hands filled with wine glasses 
and feet positioned in breathtaking shoes.
i, engaged in conversation with lovely strangers
and you
twinning across the room.

momentarily floated out of conversation to gaze upon you,
only to find you were already gazing.
almond shaped cocoa eyes, met your hazel beauties.

soft, sexy, half smiles from pretty lips
beckoning looks, desirous eyes
and wonderment unspoken.

i felt your touch here, here, here... and here
with nary a flick of your finger.
not knowing at the time,
that, that mighty, voluminous moment, foretold 
that my elephantesque nightmare was over

and a moonlit, starry dream had begun.

*sabor: a Spanish word meaning flavor. :)

Monday, November 7, 2016

Tracyville Goods At Riveted In Time For The Holidays

Image result for riveted tucson

Hey fam! If you haven't been over to Riveted lately it's a great time, since it's the holidays, and since I just delivered a whole bunch of goodies. I'm talkin' human goods like messenger bags, totes, notebooks and greeting cards and doggie stuff too! You'll find leashes, doggie magnets, doggie storage bags and lots of stocking stuffers - all handmade from scratch! 

So head on over to Riveted on W. Broadway - the hot shop for the most unique, Desert : Vintage : Modern : Industrial items on the planet and you're one-stop-shop for all things Tracyville. Oh, and don't forget to get some sweet #puppykisses before you leave, from the precious-poodley-poo, known as Talulah. Look at her! Isn't she the sweeeeeetest?!!!

Image result for talulah riveted tucson

Monday Motivation

A bit of inspo to kickstart your week. :)

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sunday Vibe...

No caption needed.

Soapy Shop Update

If you've visited my shop in the last couple of days, you've noticed that I've put it on a wee hiatus. I know, I know. It seems loopy with the holidays just looming in the background, but here's the thing: I'm in school and though I haven't been in school in a while, I am veeeery surprised and proud of my focus and ability to not only keep up, but excel. I didn't know I still had it in me. (lol)

That said, I don't want to start falling behind, or get off track, so I closed shop temporarily to concentrate on school and filling wholesale orders and making sure said orders get filled by their deadlines (I get real militant about keeping my deadlines). I'll keep you apprised of when the shop re-opens. Thanks!

The Word Fairy : Uninhibited

This is a divine word because it embodies freedom and in this instance, applies to having a love who exudes that energy, or state of being, that allows you to possess no inhibitions, in all spaces. So rare is this. That person with whom you can be all of who you are, you can be a fraction of who you are, you can be who you want to be, you can even be a fantasy you (wink), if you so choose.  You can flirt, play, giggle, cry, whisper, scream, twerk, dance, laugh, bemoan, moan, exude, whine, wince, flutter, utter, wink, marinate, dress up, dress down, smile, glance, wild out - you can do things, say things, and be so very you - all without any sense of inhibitions. To know this, is to embrace this with wide, open, welcoming arms, as it is truly rare.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Hello October!

I can't believe that I'm welcoming the month of October already! Wasn't it just June?

Anyway, the holidays are just around the corner, which means it's time to kick my soapmaking activities into high gear.

Stay tuned...

Soapy Godmother Quotes : Handmade Soaps Are So Good

Miniature versions of these quotes that I write for my Instagram page will be included with your holiday soap orders. ;)

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Handcrafted Vegan Soap + Handcrafted Vegan Art

Some of my soaps ... hanging out with some of my art.

Drawing No. 32 : You Owe It To Yourself To Understand Your Worth

And you owe it to yourself to be around people who understand it too. Find your tribe who love your personality, your nature, your talents, your being, your foibles, your quirks - your you-ness for exactly who you are. 

The Word Fairy : Learn

Anything we want to do in this life, we have to 'learn' how to do. We have to learn how to be a professor, an accountant, a lawyer, an architect, a business owner, etc. There is no magic wand that will quickly make us become what we want to become. It will take learning, motivation, focus, dedication, time, energy, etc. The bright side is when we come out the other end, ready to apply all the things we learned, to that thing which we want to do. :)

Monday, September 19, 2016

My Community Coloring & Brunch Event Was A Success!

I want to send out a huge thank you to Joy for giving me space to hold this event and to everyone who showed up for my 1st Community Coloring and Brunch Event. It was way more than I hoped for and expected! Yay!

A couple of days before the event, I contacted Joy (the owner of Revolutionary Grounds and expressed my concern that noone registered for the event via Facebook and asked for her thoughts on cancelling. She kindly responded to proceed with the event and that folks would show up. There was something in her email that was very comforting and I felt like it was going to be fine. (If you've ever hosted an event, you are aware that there is some amount of anxiety around it, because the fear is that noone will show - lol).

Not only  did a [surprisingly] good amount of people show up, but I could not have asked for more. The weather was perfect and we all hung out in the outdoor space of the cafe and if any of you have been to Revolutionary Grounds, you know that the outdoor space is awesome with amazing energy. Everyone was friendly and in great spirits, the connection was priceless, there were both adults and children present, the conversation was highly engaging and entertaining (at one point we realized that noone had even taken out their cell phones. Now, that is an engaging event!), the food was excellent (because Joy is an ultra amazing cook), folks were so into the coloring pages (making me a very happy + proud girl), there was no uncomfortable lulls in conversation and it actually felt as if we all knew each other. And the greatest compliment of all (after seeing some much pleasure around my work), was people asking if we could do this regularly. That, my friends, is a successful event!

Honestly, I can't say enough good things about our awesome Sunday gathering, which went over the estimated time slot, by the way. So a hugely warm shout out to all in attendance - B, L, K, J, L, L's dad, A, A's daughter and her daughter's friend and the other folks whose names I didn't get. (I didn't get their authorization to say their names in this space, so I'm using their initials instead).

Thanks a bunch you guys for coming and for supporting my work!!! Until next time...

PS: I learned that Facebook is not at all the most accurate way to gauge the anticipated success of one's event. Keep that in mind if/when you create an "event page" on your FB page.  :)

Monday, September 12, 2016

The Tee Hive Soap Quotes

My new Instagram page is becoming known for 2 things - my hand illustrated soap labels and these little ditties that I write about handmade soap. Here are a few of my faves.

Clearly, my line is very lighthearted, uplifting and fun! Come on over and give my new page a follow, and by all means, feel free to order some soap. *coy smile*

Apparently, there is no end to the things that I'll write about handmade soap. {lol}

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Happy Sunday Funday!

Soap . Sage . Serenity . Music . Meditation . "M" - claimed this divine day. I hope your Sunday Funday was beautiful, loving, calming, fulfilling, dreamy and charming. 

Made/wrote 2 posters for today with the intention of using only one, but each had its own vide - one had that black & white vibe, the other's vibe was in color. Couldn't choose one over the other so booyah - here's a two-fer. Haha!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Now Taking Wholesale Soap Orders!

If you want to wholesale my soaps for your store, boutique, co-op, shop, or market, shoot me an email to and I'll send you an info sheet, order form and 2016 line sheet. Super easy! You can also take a peek at the different varieties in my shop.

IMPORTANT INFO: I make soaps in very small batches and mostly made-to-order. If you need soaps by a certain date, let me know much sooner, rather than later. Soapmaking is an involved process, plus they have to "cure", which tacks time on to the process. Please keep this in mind, especially with the holidays just around the corner. Thanks!

More Soaps To Check Out

Here's a few more of my soaps for your viewing pleasure. They're not only natural with great, plant based ingredients in them, but they're also uplifting and super fun. Happy Friday, Tracyvillagers!

Wanna snag a bar or two? Run on over to the shop

The Writing Files No. 2 : J'aime


i love walking in light with you
i love how much you love our conversations
i love that you get me
i love that you understand & respect privacy
i love that you let me be me
i love that you're in shape and eat healthy 
i love how it's not a chore for you to be present
i love how you treat me in public and behind closed doors
i love when you take my hand when i least expect it
i love that way only you look at me & the glow in your eyes when you do it
i love how you nuzzle into me when you're vulnerable and/or feeling some kind of way
i love your character, your integrity & your way of being
i love that you're not insufferably impatient & intolerant & gossipy
i love your swagger, your walk, how your body moves, how you dress,
i love immensely the timbre of your raspy voice
i love to close my eyes & listen to that sexy voice when you speak in the language of our ancestors
i love your love
i love your cuddles
i love the sound of your laugh
i love the things you laugh at
i love your passion and emotion
i love our commonalities
i love your pretty feet & your luscious swooping curls that I can't get enough of
i love that you let me play in your you-ness
i love your curiosity with my me-ness
i love your gentle kisses behind ears, on shoulders, mid back, nape of neck & elsewhere
i love how you travel roads on the body map
i love how you navigate your gps
i love your childlike playfulness
i love your family and their happy, expressive, passionate, emotional, loving ways toward me
i love your kind nature
i love you (beyond all possible measure of this petite, huge word)

i    l o v e    u s
NOTE: After receiving feedback about this poem a few days ago, I finally remembered to let you know that J'aime is not a proper name. It is a contraction of 2 French words - je + aime - meaning I love, or I like. :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

My Community Coloring & Brunch Event 9/18/16

Revolutionary Grounds and I are collaborating to bring you the 1st Tracyville Community Coloring + Brunch Event. It's going down on Sunday, September 18th from 10:00-12:00. Not only will you be able to get your coloring on, but you'll also be able to connect, have fun, win prizes and eat. Come hungry so you can buy the special brunch that Joy (the owner of Revolutionary Grounds), is making for the event. 

Come support a local business, a local artist, and a local community event. It's all about gathering, connecting, having fun, relaxing and eating. I'll also be having a raffle and prizes to win some handmade goodies, so come hang out and support local.  :))))

Buy your "Coloring Packs" (for $6.00) from my shop, so I know how many and what styles to bring. They will be $8.00 the day of the event. Coloring Packs include 2 coloring pages of my original artwork and I will provide crayons. Hope to see you there!

Monday, September 5, 2016

New Pics Added To The Shop + Happy Labor Day!

I added a bunch of new pics to the soap listings in the shop, so you can see my handmade jammies up close! And a special shout out to my girl Linda, for hooking me up with the yummy, organic lavender! Thanks, mi amor!!!!!!

Happy Labor Day, everybody! Hope you really enjoy this last day off of the long weekend!