Thursday, September 13, 2012

Handmade Cards : Naive Style

I believe these are the cards you inquired about Maria Elena...........

Yes, I do plan on adding them back into my shop. Hopefully, I can get them in over the weekend sometime but definitely by early next week. And you are correct. These cards are not done in the style that I usually work in and the one that people are most familiar with, but it is definitely a style I love to work in and I will have more work in this vein coming soon.  Thanks so much for your inquiry.  PS: Thanks for the great description that let me know which cards you were talking about. :)

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  1. thank yoooooooou!! these are definitely the cards that i was talking about. do you have more like these that say happy birthday, i love you and like that? i need these for a christmas gift for someone who loves cards but traditional sayings would be good also. i love this style! thanks again. mariaelena