Friday, October 19, 2012

My BBHN (Big Blog Header Nightmare)

If you follow my daily blog, you know all about my trials with that blasted header.

 I've tried on quite a few headers since I launched the blog last year.
Some I like. Others were a bit of a no-no.  The header for this [Tracyville] blog was a wonderful, easy-peezy-lemon-squeezy dream.
I drew it out, colored it in and loved it.  It was that easy.
The OBC blog has been quite another situation.  I didn't get the flutter-nutter (I have no idea what that means) excitement and the absolute state of 'this is it!' In a nutshell, it's been a nightmare. A haunting my house kind of nightmare!
Let's run through this last batch together, shall we? The red header, I actually really liked, BUT it seemed a bit too busy and a bit too bright. The pink header didn't seem bright enough. The big headed girl (3rd photo down) seemed alright until I drew her pink-faced cousin. Then I tossed her out the window. The black and white striped might have worked if pink-faced girl's dress was not black and white stripes. Are you starting to see why this header situation was indeed a situation. Now, when we move onto the brown plaid, I liked it. Maybe even loved it. I love the vintage brown plaid background and I like pink-faced girl and I like the lettering.

I randomly visit the OBC blog just to see the header pop up and to see if I really, reeeeeeeeeeally like it and I think I do. Maybe this header will be around a while. Here's to hoping. (insert me crossing my fingers)

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