Friday, November 23, 2012

Shop Is Open + Packaging for New Prints!

Here's what I'm doing for this year's holiday packaging for the new artwork that is now in the Tracyville Shop.........
Usually artwork and other paper goods are put in a cello sleeve. Well, I'm doing something a little different this year.
The artwork will be put in a sleeve but instead of cello, I've opted to make a cardstock sleeve instead.
Each "sleeve" has been sewn together for that added sweet little effect. Can you see the stitching on those  above?
Then I cut out some squares of different paper styles to, ya know, jazz up the cardstock. They will be adhered to the tops of the sleeves.
Then I will adhere the top of the pretty papers with my Tracyville logo label.
And voila'.  This is the finished sleeve next to the envelopes that they will go in.
Each label on the sleeve will be in different colors and chosen at random.
And each sleeve will contain one print. Well, unless you buy more than one print. :)
Have a happy holiday weekend!

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