Thursday, December 6, 2012

Some Favorite Christmas Movies

I luuuuuvv this time of year. The snow. The holidays. The holiday movies........



Home Alone



 I love holiday movies. During this time of year, I could (and do) watch them 24/7.  I go bananas trying to decide which channel to watch to get my dose of the sugar-fructose-sucrose-corn
syrupy coated, feel good holiday movies.
Let's do a run-down shall we. Okay, so there's ABC Family Channel, The Hallmark Channel, Lifetime and a host of other premium and non-premium channels that play a wide assortment of deliciously sappy Christmas movies.  But the grand daddy occasion of them all happens on Christmas Eve when TNT (or is it TBS), plays 24 hours of A Christmas Story. Twenty - Four - Hours!  That, in the world of me, is a dream!  I mean, picture this: a cup of hot apple cider with fresh cinnamon, fireplace going, TV finely tuned on TNT (or it is TBS), all whilst wrapping the last bit of [handmade] gifts surrounded by those you love most who are also wrapping their last minute gifts.  AND if it's snowing outside as the moonlight beams down casting a shadow over the dear across the street.....Ohhhhhh, myyyyyy, goooodness!  That is just a divine moment. Oh, and the bit about the dear across the street, that was actually a lovely Christmas eve from a couple of years ago, but hey, it could happen again! :P

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