Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Handmade Drawstring Bags Finished!

My love affair with printing continues with these all-purpose drawstring bags.....

As you know, I'm in process of learning various printing techniques and you can see my progress on these bags.  So far, I've been working on making stencils and stamps, but I'm looking forward to screen printing in the [hopefully] near future. I admit to being a little scared about moving into the realm of screen printing. For some reason, it seems big and complicated, but I don't know what I'm basing that on.

You saw these bags in their unfinished state in an earlier post before they even looked like bags, but now they're mostly finished. I still have to add the string to the tops to actually make them drawstring bags. 
I've been making these bags for years because I love them.  I love their high versatility factor and I love making them in different fabrics and sizes. 
Here are some ways in which you can use them: 

1. to store your rings and other jewelry that you wear (and don't wear).
2. in the kitchen to hold onions, garlic, apples, herbs, etc.
3. in your craft room to hold all your paper scraps, felt, glue, and the like.
4. in your office to store you staples, tape, paper clips, etc.
5. in the bathroom to store makeup, brushes, tweezers, shampoo and more.
6. in your shed to dry out herbs as well as a place to keep all your tools and other shed goodies.
7. a really cool idea is to group several of them together and hang them on the wall or back of the door in the kids room to quickly and efficiently hold/hide small and lightweight toys and bric a brac.
8. anywhere that you need a place for things! they're awesome!

A quick little tale to share with you:  I gave some larger sized illustrated bags to my cousin for his 6th birthday and I told him to use them to clean up his room.  I told him that these bags would allow him to pick up his toys in minutes because all he had to do was chuck them all into his drawstring bags.  Apparently, the bags worked like a charm because 1) he loved them and 2) he totally uses them to clean up. How awesome is that?

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