Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Hobbit = Splendid!

I saw it last weekend and loved it!

It was really a great time! Great movie. Great company. Just thoroughly fantastic and highly enjoyable.
It should be noted that certainly the film was awesome, but it was most definitely enhanced because I saw it in a theater that served us drinks of choice, which included cocktails as well as non alcoholic beverages, shrimp cocktail, skewered (and might I add perfectly seasoned) chicken, scandalous brownies with a perfect dark chocolate frosting and bits of peppermint.
It should also be noted that I'm neither a fan of frosting nor peppermint, but my palate seemed to actually enjoy those brownies. And of course, our theater waitress also offered up popcorn in addition to all the other treats.
Needless to say, both the theater (where one is waited on hand and foot) and the film were divine! :)

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