Monday, January 7, 2013

Recycled Jars + Handmade Labels for Handmade Body Products

So much of what we come across in the course of a day can be recycled & upcycled...

Regular ol' jars would be included on that list...


A friend gave me these jars (which originally held tea) and I saved them knowing I would put them to use for something. The day arrived when I needed jars for some body products I was making for myself and I had the perfect stash. 

I'm just showing a small sampling of the jars I've collected for upcycling. The 3 tall ones above hold my homemade deodorant (which I call "Pit Powder"), my delicious smelling body oil and the 3rd one that's empty and waiting for me to make some bath salts. 

This sweet little jar below originally contained garlic powder, but now stores my powdered deodorant because the top has sprinkler spouts. 

This deodorant smells delicious because I scented it with a bit of natural essential oils. I usually make 2 versions of "Pit Powder". A scented version and an unscented version.

All 3 of these recipes for glorious homemade body products can be found below.

And these are labels I illustrated for another project, which I nixed, but they worked out perfectly for these bottles, and were really fun to make.

By the way, I'm including the recipes - for the deodorant, body oil and bath salts - in the post below for those who want to try them.  I've shared my deodorant recipe before, but if you're new to this blog, I'm including it again.  Enjoy!

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