Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Multicultural Handmade Plush Dolls Are Finished!

The plushies are finally finished and this is only 1 series out of 3.......
 photo 47ebee8b-b53f-4317-8e8a-617e5025307e_zpsdb9991c4.jpg

 photo ec05b706-a0af-4b26-82c9-8bebae9eda03_zpsc4fbdbc2.jpg

 photo 2c2f2038-591d-4c33-868f-8cc993dbd32e_zpse6db2a1c.jpg

 photo 6fa3d606-38f5-4d44-94b1-91c1ec9c1aea_zps07b0fbd4.jpg

 photo 111cea84-0397-43b6-b98b-0422ecc55ad6_zpse5b7277b.jpg

I have two more series coming to you on Friday. Series #3 will have moveable parts like arms, legs and hair. Stay tuned!