Friday, May 31, 2013

Handmade Depot: Delphine The Dog

This puppy dog has moved up the ladder and become a plush doll.......

Delphine began her life as an illustration, then moved on to become an embroidery hoop painting and now she's a little plush baby. She's not up for adoption yet, but she will be. I've got to put her paperwork together and all the accessories that will accompany her to her new home. Stay tuned for her availability date aka the Adoption Open House!

Oh, and it should be known that sometimes this pup likes to sneak into her mom's burlap Farmer's Market tote hoping to go along for the ride. Prospective adoptive parents should know that Delphine loves burlap! I'm just letting you know some of her personality traits - ya know - full disclosure and all! ;)

This is an excited Delphine waving her arms and her happy I'm-going-along-for-the-ride-grin. Have a great weekend everybody.

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