Thursday, May 30, 2013

Me + PicMonkey = Over The Moon!!

Okay, my excitement right now is about to cause me to need a paper bag.....

...because I'm nearly hyperventillating from excitement! Lookie what I created you guys - a collage using a program which I just found out about nearly 20 minutes ago called Picmonkey. I know, you probably already know all about photoshop, picmonkey, the now defunct picnik, etc., etc.  Well the thing is, I don't. LOL My mother who is like 150 years old knows about all this techie stuff, but again, I'm not up on the latest blah, blah and the greatest yada, yada.

I mean, how am I supposed to make time for such things when I run this here creative business of mine and function as every department - the manufacturing dept., marketing dept., finance dept., public relations dept., product design dept., product testing dept., community relations dept., secretarial dept., photography dept., president, vice president - heck I'm even the janitorial department!

My 2 hands have always been my computer program and luckily, my clients have always been happy with that and believe it or not, there are still many businesses out there who actually don't want a computer generated look (thank goodness).

Now, having said that, although no one has yet asked me to make my art any other way than how I already make it, I still feel it would behoove me to get briefed up on photoshop and whatever other ways there are to do art on the computer.

This is a momentous event - seriously! You are witnessing my very first attempt at a computer generated what-see-hoosie. PicMonkey made it so easy to create this collage using some of my latest illustrations and I am so excited by this new avenue! OMG! It's like the sky has opened up. It was so simple to do and I look forward to now learning so much more. I've been fighting the new way for so long; holding onto the 'old-school' way of doing things. Just from this little taste of new-school-artwork-creation, I think I'm already hooked. Oh, no!

So stay tuned for my adventures in learning about computer generated artwork! Yahoo!!!!!

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