Thursday, June 20, 2013

Designer's Cupboard: Modern Vintage Style by Emily Chalmers

I recently checked a book out of the library called Modern Vintage Style......

While in the library, I glanced at the back of the book and the first thing I saw amongst the pretty photos was a question asking: "Do you have a passion for all things vintage, quirky and bohemian?" For me, that question was a clear indication that this was a book I had to check out (even though it was not on my check-out list). "Yes. Yes, indeed. I do have a passion for all things vintage, quirky and bohemian."

I love sweet vintage, cool mid-century modern vintage, stuff you find in your grandma's house vintage..... Heck, I even love homely vintage things - what I call "ugly-hot" stuff. My idea of "ugly-hot" is like super fugly old school polyesters. You know, the kind that older gentlemen wore in the form of pants? I love old school polyesters like that!  I like to deconstruct the pants and make the most awesome, super bohemian pillows, bags and dolls with that material. Mmmm! And yes, I know that polyester fabric is made of the worst materials ever, but still I super love it. I don't use those textiles for things that I sell. I keep the cool, fugly polyesters for myself and go to town making wads of stuff. Aaaaaaanyway........


The book is a couple of years old, but no matter. It' still as fresh, stylish and relative as if it were published yesterday and it's chock full of glorious ideas for designing an awesome space full of vintage treasures.

I have this very same crocheted, granny square blanket (the black one on top of the bed), that was made by my favorite aunt who was a genius with crocheting hooks and knitting needles, but no longer works her handmakery magic.

I begged my cousin for the blanket, which turned out to be a waste of my excited energy, because my cousin looked at me as if I was an apparition, and calmly said, "sure you can have it. I have another one if you want that too." Shaking my head in disbelief, I was like, "seriously? I can have it??" Clearly, my cousin has neither love, nor appreciation for old stuff like I do. She was more than happy to give it to me and I? Well, I was doing a happy-happy dance. Yahootie! I get this amazing, special and precious keepsake made by my favorite auntie's little hands and it fits in with my vintage aesthetic and pure love of all things vintage.

Anyway, I look forward to snagging a cup of tea, copping a squat in my favorite chair and reading this gem of a book, whilst being thoroughly enthralled with all the pretty pictures. :)                    

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  1. I love this story! I would of done the same thing!