Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Miss Tracy's Tutorials: How To Make A Bracelet From Fabric Scraps

. old straps, fabric scraps or ribbons
. beads (or buttons)
. thread
. needle
. scissors
. velcro

I'm  deconstructing this shirt and I'm going to use the straps to make bracelets.

You will notice that the sleeves are missing. I cut those out for another project for another day. :) Anyway.....

I cut one strap off of the shirt. Measure the strap around your arm making sure it fits and add about 1/4" before cutting (to allow for the velcro that will use up some of the length when finished).

Embellish the strap (bracelet) by sewing on beads (or buttons) of your choice.

Add the velcro to each end. Machine stitch.

That's it!  Super fast; super easy. :D

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