Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Miss Tracy's Tutorials: How To Make A Necklace From A Tie

As is typical of my tutorials, this sweet, upcycled, summer necklace is very easy to make.

. neckties
. scissors
. fabric scrap
. velcro

1. Cut 3 strips of fabric from the necktie in your desired width and length. My strips are 1" wide by 20 inches long. If you want your necklace thicker, cut a thicker width.

2. Tie all 3 strips into loose knot at one end. This way it will stay in place as you braid it together.

3. Braid the 3 pieces together until you reach the end.

4. Add a charm to your necklace. I put a jump-ring on a piece of leather and used that as my charm.

5. Untie the knot at the end and stitch the strips in place across the end. Stitch across the other end also.

6. Cut out a square piece of fabric - enough to cover the unfinished braided end. Cover the end with the piece of fabric pin in place and stitch around the square perimeter. Do the same for the other end.

7. Add Velcro to each end and stitch the velcro in place. Voila'! Your necklace is ready to wear.