Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Miss Tracy's Tutorials: How To Make A Button Ring

. craft wire
. jewelry pliers
. wire cutter (or junky scissors)
. buttons


Cut a piece of wire so that it'll wrap around your finger 3 times. Mine measures 11".

Wrap the wire around the finger you'll wear the ring on 3 times.

You should have even prongs sticking up on either side of the ring.

Add your button(s) over the prongs. I used 2 buttons.  Bend the prongs over the buttons.

Using the jewelry pliers carefully pull the wire prongs through the center of the ring and wrap each prong around each side of the ring taughtly, until each prong has been completely wrapped around each side.

That's it! Your ring is now ready for wearing. Yay!

NOTE: Be mindful of how tight you're wrapping the prongs around sides because it's easy to change the size of the ring as you do this (making it smaller).

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