Friday, July 19, 2013

Multicultural Product Line Teaser #5 - One Race=Human Race Inspirational Print

Being an artist, I sometimes respond to social commentaries, current events, etc....
 photo onerace_zps4dc3d1cf.jpg

This hand lettered illustration was directly inspired by mother's stories I've read online about the daily experiences they encounter as they go through life with their biracial children - the stares, the comments, the questions, the overall infatuation, if you will, with the fact that their children look nothing like them.

As I was drawing this piece, I had a flashback to my own mother recounting her story of living with these same experiences moving through her life with my oldest sister in her arms. The year was 1948, and authorities went as far as to put on my sister's birth certificate - mother: caucasian - because I guess the skin color and eye color disparity between mother and daughter was too huge to comprehend. But trust me, my Cape Verdean/Portuguese mother is not caucasian. She is brown just like her youngest daughter (moi).

Anyhoo, although the subject matter it a bit heavy, I opted to turn heavy into light and make it sweet, colorful and inspirational whilst still [hopefully] making a point. :)

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