Wednesday, July 3, 2013

About My New Product Line for Biracial/Multicultural/Ethnic Kiddos

I mentioned last Friday that I'm working on a new product line that launches on Labor Day.....

The Backstory:

Allow me to back up a little and fill you in on the story about the new product line. At the beginning of the  year, I began thinking about and working on a line of biracial/multicultural/ethnic plush dolls. While I was in the process of designing said dolls, I did some market tests which included asking parents, friends and acquaintances a battery of questions related to the dolls that they buy for their children.

The feedback I got was amazing, enlightening and really helpful. Your responses gave me great insight into 1) why I was creating these dolls, 2) who I was designing the dolls for and 3) you gave me a bigger picture of your daily experiences ranging from trying to find products for your child to the elevated costs of these goods. 

What I didn't realize at the time of doing the market tests, was that your feedback, a Cheerios commercial, and my own cultural background/history would collide and give me the impetus to create an entire line of products specifically geared toward biracial, multicultural and ethnic children - products that this multicultural girl never dreamed of having at my disposal when I was a kid because, well, that was a hundred years ago.

That said, starting today, I will share my new product line with you in the form of "teasers". You will see bits and pieces of all the products that I'm creating until the big reveal on Labor Day.

I'm very excited and having so much fun designing the packaging, the dolls, the art prints and all the other goodies on my juicy list and I could tell you right now what all those things are, but that would be un-fun.  I think it would be much more fun to release little snippets of the products here and there leading up to the big day when all will be revealed. 

My Intentions 

My goal and hope with this new line is to create sweet, fun, functional and inspirational products that also encourage self-love and self-esteem. I really want multicultural children to love and accept who they are as the beautiful human beings that they are. I want them to spew out, rather than ingest, the negative messages they'll receive from a host of different sources. I want them to never dissect themselves into pieces and feel like they have to choose sides. I want them to know that no matter what any person says to them, regardless of how society sees them, that they have the right - their inherent birthright to claim all of who they are.  

Oops! I went off on a tangent. I guess this is a bit of a raw nerve for me having lived it, but you get what I'm saying. These are the reasons I'm creating these products and there's a lot of love going into making them, so I hope you tune in, leave comments and tell your friends about my big handmakery adventure. And I do mean big. This is the most I've made at any one time so stay tuned.... :)

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