Monday, August 5, 2013

New Product Line Preview, Entry #1 - Kid's Totes

As I mentioned last Thursday, today begins the month-long preview of my new product line for kids. Every MondayWednesday and Friday of this month, you'll see many of the products that I've been pouring my little heart into. ;) The featured item for this week is bags.

After many sketches and several revisions to my designs, I can finally say that I'm really happy with the final results. Ya never know if what you picture in your mind is going to translate. Sometimes it works, and other times - not so much. 

I'm also thrilled with how vibrant the colors came out and I found myself exhaling a sigh of relief when I made the prints over the weekend. These are super cute totes (if I do say so myself), for the little ones and they have sweet, inspirational messages on them. 

Oh, and I want to point out that these are not pre-fabricated bags. I made them totally from scratch and sprinkled them with lots of love.

Come back on Wednesday for entry #2 of the product preview, which will be something for the moms. Enjoy!


  1. These bags are brilliant! Such a wonderful message too! Amazing that you made the actually bag yourself as well - well done!!!

  2. Thanks so much Sherry! My goal is to make the products inspirational, as well as fun and functional. Yes, my work is truly handmade to the core and I love it that way. I love the process of making everything by hand! Thanks for your lovely comment!

  3. Hey Tracy, are these for sale yet? Let me know when they are.

  4. Hi Martha. Yes. They are now up for sale. The shop launched today and you can find these totes and many more goodies in the new revamped Tracyville Shop at Thanks for the inquiry.