Monday, August 26, 2013

7 Day's Until My Product Line Launches!

This is the final week of the product preview and the countdown is on.....

7 Days Until 
Tracyville's Kid's Product Line Launches 
on Labor Day!!

These babies here are some of the new multicultural plush dolls that I can finally say I'm quite happy with. I started working on a new doll line earlier in the year and while I liked some of them, I just wasn't over the moon. 

So many other projects came up and I had to put the dolls on hold. Also, I had to go back to square one because like I said, the initial product just didn't have that "wow factor" for me. 

There were a couple of challenging factors that needed to be accommodated. They had to 1) be highly pleasing to me, and 2) fit into different price points because I'm very, very mindful of the affordability factor.

Other than needing to make more from different cultures and some boys, I am seriously thrilled with how this group turned out. (insert me exhaling)

I'll also have different sizes (which you'll see mid week) AND different styles - again trying to give you some wiggle room with the price range. Hope you like them and stay tuned for the rest of this week's preview finale. 

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