Thursday, September 26, 2013

Biz Whiz: 5 Tips For Marketing Your Handmade Goods On A Budget

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Source: Handmade Madison

For this segment of 'Running Your Craft Business', I have 5 super good tips about marketing your awesome handmade empire. Read on darlings...

1Conduct monthly workshops about products or services you offer. You could also hold annual, bi-annual or quarterly info seminars sharing "how-to" information and weaving it in with what you have to offer.

2Develop your own TV show for present it to your local cable station or public broadcasting station. If you make stuff, develop a craft show. If you're a recycler, create a show highlighting ways for folks to recycle their own stuff. People love to learn how to make stuff and this gets your name and business in front of the folks you want to attract.

3. Have a drawing for a product, service or gift certificate and tie it into a holiday or special occasion AND add those names to your email list.

4. Become involved in an organization or business related to your business or one that you think could connect with your business. Network, partner, swap and even barter services and products with them. This works with many a business!
5. Partner with businesses and organizations during the holidays. You can marry your products or services that relate with what they have going on and create an 'exclusive' item for your contacts and their contacts and increase your sales and broaden your audience. Have fun and go for it! 

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