Thursday, September 19, 2013

Biz Whiz: 6 Tips On How To Sell Your Handmade Goods

6 Tips To Sell Your Art + Handmade Goods

As handmakers, we must always be thinking creatively about how we can sell our art and handmade goodies. Here are 6 tips and ideas for you to consider. :)

1.  Host an in-house open studio. You don't need a commercial space to show and sell your work. If you have a basement, garage, shed, extra bedroom, etc., you can host your very own open studio. This is how I first started selling my work. Years ago, I transformed my basement into an awesome studio slash gallery and invited a bunch of folks who showed up and bought everything from afrocentric jewelry and paintings to my handmade body products that I made with herbs from my garden. It was a smash and you can do it too! ;) 

2. Team up slow moving items with a related fast moving products and re-package the duo as a special promo.

3. Partner with a small business owner, organization, cafe, etc., and ask them if they'll carry you work. You can also partner with these same folks to create an event in your town where you can sell your work and invite other artists to sell theirs.

4. Partner with businesses and organizations and conduct craft workshops. You'll never know if they'll let you until you ask, and you just may be surprised.

5.  Create a brochure of products or services that your business offers.

6Always carry business cards with you. This seems obvious, but some of us aren't very good about this (uh, yours truly....cough, cough) and it has proven detrimental. Hand them out freely and get permission to leave them in places that your target market may frequent. 

Those are my sage tips for this segment of Running Your Craft Business. Until next time.... :)

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