Thursday, October 10, 2013

Biz Whiz: How To Prepare For A Holiday Craft Fair


How To Prepare For A Holiday Craft Fair 

You've been accepted into a holiday craft fair, you're making products like crazy and time is drawing near for the actual show. Here's a list of things to help you stay organized and not feel overwhelmed as you prepare for the upcoming holiday craft fair season. 

Product/Packing Related:

  • clearly priced merchandise
  • customer bags
  • product information signs 
  • different sized boxes for purchased items
  • extra price tags
  • care instructions tags (for select items)
  • inventory list (to keep up on sold items)
  • string (I always have/need string on hand)
  • newspaper or tissue paper for fragile items

Your Business Literature:

  • business cards and holder 
  • booth signs
  • brochures / catalogs
  • company name sign
  • flyers
  • invitations to other shows / exhibits of your works
  • retail order forms / price list
  • wholesale order forms / price list
  • handouts (ie show schedule, flyers, etc that go in bag purchases)

Office Supplies:

  • scissors
  • clipboard and writing pad or notebook (to track sold items, take notes, etc.)
  • paper clips
  • pens and pencils - red one for mark downs
  • push pins & extra tacks
  • rubber bands
  • safety and/or straight pins
  • stapler and staples
  • tape - masking, scotch, duct, packing

Sales Related:

  • calculator
  • cash box with change (ones, fives & tens) 
  • cell phone
  • charge / credit slips
  • credit card equipment (unless you don't offer it)
  • laptop
  • receipt book 
  • sales tax chart


  • copy of your sales tax certificate of authority to hang in your booth
  • show correspondence - directions, rules, regulations, phone notes, copy of canceled check, etc.
  • copy of application with date sent and check number
  • any notes about the show - pros or cons
  • guest book (to create your mailing list)
  • copy of this checklist


  • tent
  • tent weights
  • glue for repairs
  • hot glue gun
  • pliers
  • screwdriver
  • tacks
  • tape measure
  • wire


    • high energy foods and juices
    • napkins
    • paper plates + plastic utensils
    • hot thermos (for coffee or tea or soup)
    • water bottle

    Weather Related:

    • jacket or coat
    • scarf (the building may be cold or if you're outdoors)
    • hat
    • gloves

    Health Related:

    • aspirin and/or any medicines you may require for the day
    • box of tissues
    • first aid kit (bandages, first aid cream, allergies meds)
    • hand lotion
    • in case of emergency - phone numbers of family members

    Cleaning Supplies:

    • clean cloth rags
    • garbage bags
    • paper towels


    • camera
    • cushion(s) for chair(s)
    • needle + thread
    • paper towels
    You can add, delete and adjust this list to accommodate your personal needs. It's a great list to start from because it's already been done for you; just copy, paste, adjust, print and you're all set. :)

    {graphic via: Apartmeny Therapy}

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