Monday, November 18, 2013

Today's Cuteness: Baby Beau + Puppy Theo

What is cuter than this....?
Cozy: Mother Jessica Shyba says she almost woke the two up the first time they fell asleep for a nap because she was 'practically howling at the cuteness'

More to come: Mrs Shyba promises to continue posting nap time pictures on Instagram under the #TheoandBeau

Snuggle buddies: While they intended to crate train the puppy, mother Jessica Shyba decided she couldn't bear to hear the puppy cry at night

Cushy: Theo finds a place to rest his head in Beau's armpi

Lean on me: The puppy and the toddler share an uncommon bond

Make yourself comfortable: The Shyba family in Santa Cruz, California got Theo when he was just 7-weeks-old this month

Stretched out: Each day, Theo waits outside the bedroom for nap time and settles in next to Beau once the toddler has fallen asleep

Wrapped up: The two have synched their sleep schedules

Thanks to my girls Kathie Lee & Hoda, I found out about this super cute cuteness that is Beau + Theo. So here's the deal:  Jessica Shyba and her husband got their three small kids a dog that they named Theo. They decided to crate train the 7-week-old pup, but the first night was chock full of whining. Mrs. Shyba decided she couldn't bear to let the puppy Theo sleep alone again, so every day after her son Beau is put down for his afternoon nap, his puppy Theo jumps up on the bed to snag some cuddles and some z's. 

Mrs. Shyba has hopes of doing a book from her photos and donating the proceeds to the Santa Cruz SPCA. I would highly suggest reading her very heartwarming tale of her family and their puppy brother Theo here on her blog. It's truly lovely and may make you all warm and teary eyed as it did me. 

I want to add this little bit - please support your local animal shelter through volunteering, adoptions, donations - in any way you can. Every little bit helps. :)

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