Monday, December 23, 2013

Do Good Corner: Adopt A Dog This Holiday Season

Reasons To Adopt A Shelter Dog:
1. You'll help save 2 lives - the animal you adopt and a homeless animal who can be rescued because of the space you helped free up.
2. You'll be supporting a life that already exists.
3. You'll be giving a homeless or relinquished dog a better life and a great forever home. 
4. Some (not all) shelter dogs have been abused and treated horribly and it would be so amazingly wonderful for them to go to homes where they're loved and cherished.
5. If you were a homeless animal, wouldn't you want someone to give you a loving home? 

6. You won't be supporting a puppy mill.
7. It feels so darned good to save a life.
8. You'll save wads of cash! (Adopting a dog from a shelter is way cheaper than buying from a pet store or other sources AND shelter dogs are already spayed, neutered and vaccinated AND in some areas like where I live, they have specials and amazing promotionals throughout the year like giving dogs away for FREE!
9. It's a most noble deed and the greatest form of recycling! :)
10. It helps end animal homelessness.
11. It's so very cool! You will join countless other awesome, humane, caring, superstar human beings who've adopted pets AND most importantly, you'll be a rock star to your newly adopted furry baby! Woohoo!!
12. It eradicates loneliness of these beautiful living animals.
13. It's shows your depth and humanity.


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