Friday, December 6, 2013

Handmade Cereal Box Journals for Holiday Craft Fair This Weekend

I'm gearing up for a holiday market this weekend so I'm making these recyled journals/notebooks because I want to have a variety of items at different price points. I want people to feel like they can walk away from my booth with something in their hands.

And I feel like this is the perfect takeaway item - they're super affordable, handmade from scratch, recycled, they come is a variety of sizes and styles and they make the best stocking stuffers for folks of all ages. Plus, how cute are they?

This batch was made mostly from cereal boxes and saltine cracker boxes and then I embellished them with pretty papers and some of my handmade stamps.

I'm showing you how to make your own cereal box notebook in the tutorial below. Recycling is the best!

I embellished the seams with decorative papers, but had to still embellish the covers with my handmade stamps.

The outside covers actually resemble Moleskine journals. So cool!

Here you can see the inside of the boxes. They really were made with cereal boxes and saltine cracker boxes.  :)


  1. These are really great journals!

  2. Thanks Libby! They're really fun to make!