Monday, January 27, 2014

Blogging Tip of the Day: How Much Should You Share?

To Share Or Not To Share

If you share quite a bit of yourself or want to share more of yourself with your readers, think about sharing your hardships with them. I'm not talking about being 'Negative Nelly' or 'Sad-Sack Sue', but sharing parts of your business experiences that haven't been so easy, where you’ve fallen down, but gotten back up, learned things the hard way, compared yourself to other bloggers without knowing their complete story, felt like others knew things you didn't, and the like. These things can be great ways to encourage others by letting them know that you've also had struggles that may be similar to their own and perhaps talk about the steps you took to overcome those struggles. What was the hardship and what was the resolution? As we all know, people love success stories, but they also like to hear hard knock tales that turn into success stories.

REMINDER: These business tips are food for thought and the final decision is yours as to whether or not you choose to implement them. You know your brand better than anyone and only you know how you wish to represent your brand. :)

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