Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Miss Tracy's Tutorials: Make A Sweet Powder Puff

I'll kick this post off by saying that this entire tutorial is chock full of recycling goodness. Seriously. The jar (I love re-using jars), came from some French jam that I recently finished (and I removed the label and replaced it with my own, of course), the solid fabric is from the sleeve of a t-shirt, the printed fabric is from an unwanted blouse and the ribbon is from a [recycled] container filled with fabric scraps. I hope you enjoy this tutorial as much as I enjoyed putting it together. 

Ready? Let's do it.

. piece of old t-shirt, fleece or terry cloth fabric (side 1 of powder-puff)
. piece of cotton fabric (side 2 of powder-puff)
. elastic or ribbon 
. fiberfill stuffing
. scissors
. pencil
. something round (cd or jar top)
. straight pins


- Place your 2 pieces of fabric together on top of each other, right sides together.

- Though I used recycled fabrics, you can use whatever textiles you like. The solid red fabric is for the part that'll be touching my skin and the cotton is for the backside of the powder-puff.

- Trace a circle on the top of the fabric.

- I used a jam jar top to make my circle because I wanted my powder-puff to fit inside my jar.

- Cut out the circle through both pieces of the fabric.

- Open up the cut out pieces and place the ribbon across the center of the back of the fabric. Replace the top [solid] piece back onto the bottom [printed] piece - right sides together - and pin all 3 pieces together making sure that the ribbon is in place between the 2 pieces of fabric.

- Sew all 3 pieces together - right sides together - but leave a small opening to turn inside out and to stuff with your polyester fiberfill stuffing. REMEMBER to sew 5 times forward and 5 times backward each time you begin and end a new seam, otherwise your stitches will come loose and won't be reinforced.

- Carefully turn inside out and carefully stuff your powder-puff with the fiberfill stuffing. Stitch the opening closed either by hand or with your machine.

Since I made mine to fit inside of a recycled jam jar, it's about 2 3/4" in diameter, but you can make yours any size you want. Enjoy your new powder-puff!

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