Thursday, February 27, 2014

Miss Tracy's Tutorials: How To Make Milk Carton Pencil Holders

Here's a super simple equation that goes like this: artist + recycler = major diy-er. If I need something, I tend to make it, grow it, sew it, build it, revamp it, rethink it, reuse it. I'm sure you know how I roll by now. 

I needed some storage for the many colored pencils that continue to pile up in my studio, so I referred to my organized stash of recyclables and came up with these milk carton pencil holders.

This is a very simple and handy project to organize your art, craft and office supplies, as well as nails, screws and all sorts of bric-a-brac. It's also an awesome tutorial to do with the kiddos, because they can use these containers to store their goodies, too. 

. plastic milk carton
. scissors

. Simply cut a square out of the container about 1/2 to 3/4 inches below the handle (as show in the photos). That's it! Oh, and remove the milk label. See! I told you it was super simple. :)

P.S. I chose to cut the opening so that the milk cartons will lie down, because when I stood them upright, they seemed to have an easy tip-over factor. Part of the reason this happened is because these particular milk cartons are petite and I have lots of pencils. Feel free to cut out your containers any way that works best for you. Enjoy. :D


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    1. Thanks Manon! Glad you like it. Stay tuned for more. :)