Friday, February 28, 2014

Photo-Booth Friday: Alternative + Compact Living Spaces

I mentioned last Friday, that I would be sharing alternative, out-of-the-box living spaces because I think they're simply yummy!!

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Can you believe a shed can be so fabulous?


Modern Shed is a company that produces the coolest sheds ever! Their sheds are so cool that people took to living in them. Now the company has developed a line of sheds called "Dwelling Sheds." As you can see from the above photo, Modern Sheds are just that - modern. I love vintage and old stuff to the max, but I must say that I love their design aesthetic and I would live in one of those sheds in a heartbeat.


I adore trailers and would have mine decked out with the coolest furnishings, art and home accessories ever! All handmade of course! :) And I'm smitten with yarn-bombed trailers! Awww-some!

Courtesy of Love My Bus

VW's, I love you!

I've had a long standing crush on recycled schoolbuses and yarn-bombed anything. Yeah, I would totally live in it, but I'd be more interested in turning it into a hot art studio. Yes!

Mobile and compact houses have become increasingly popular living options and have steadily increased over the years. As housing costs continue to skyrocket and many folks have become conscious of their carbon footprint, more and more people look for affordable ways of living, as well as spaces that will reduce their use of the environment's resources. Compact homes are an attractive, low-cost alternative on many levels - not to mention the fact that they can also be highly sustainable and green. Yay!

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