Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Miss Tracy's Tutorials: Make A Hip T-Shirt Hat In 5 Minutes

I've been keeping up with the weather across the country and The Weather Channel indicates that we're now on the letter "T" and the storm is called Titan. Since it's still so cold outside and I have some t-shirts that need to be recycled, I've got a cool hat tutorial for you today. 

This t-shirt I'm using is a 2-sided t-shirt (one side is above and the other side is below), but yours doesn't have to be 2-sided at all. This will work for any t-shirt. 

. t-shirt
. scissors
. sewing machine

- Measure the diameter of your head. Add 1/2" to that diameter (to allow for sewing a seam) and cut out a half circle from the bottom of your t-shirt, as show in the above photo.

- Place the right sides of the hat pieces together, pin the 2 halves in place across the rounded edges.

- Sew the seam across the round edge and remove the pins. Try on the hat to see how it fits. If it's too large, take the seam in a bit. Once it fits to your liking, make your final seam. Stitch across the first seam for added security. I like to double stitch every one of my seams, but this is up to you. 

Turn right side out and put on your head. Since my hat is double sided, I can wear it on either side and I'm showing you the finished hat with the gray side showing (below) and the mustard colored side showing (1st photo at the top). 

Enjoy your new [recycled] hat! They're so easy and fast, you can make them for every member of your family.

1. I cut my hat from the bottom of the t-shirt because the bottom has a finished seam and I wanted the bottom of my hat to be finished.
2. You can jazz up your hat with a pom-pom on the top by cutting strips of t-shirt and sewing them together. You can cut out flower shapes from t-shirts of other colors and add them to your hat if you want a bit of design on yours. There are many ways to upgrade and embellish this hat with various materials. Use your imagination and have fun! :)


  1. very nice! thanks for the tutorial. i'll be doing this for sure.~

    1. So glad to hear that you'll be trying this one out because it's easy, fast and worth it. I've got a few more tutorials coming from this same t-shirt, so stay tuned for those. :)