Monday, April 7, 2014

Today's Cuteness...

Totally cute posters by Fuschia Macaree.
The Bermuda Triangle of Productivity - where does all the time go?
>Massive/wallpaper sized version here!<
I drew this one day after two unrelated friends complained about how they get sucked into certain websites instead of doing work, which is exactly what I do. I think….this maybe, possibly, maybe happens to some other people as well.



  1. I have just entered the world of Twitter, hope it's more productive than Pinterest has been. Even though Pinterest has increased my views, it hasn't resulted in increased sales in the last six months. Although I love the eye candy on Pinterest so am not giving it up as a personal page.

    1. You're are not alone with regard to social media in relation to sales. That's the big question for most every creative in this online sphere - how to increase sales. I wish there was a magic wand that could tell us the secret in how to make it happen. Keep plugging away, do your research, read crafting books that cover everything from how to price your items to marketing tips for handmade businesses and so much in between and study the folks at the top. Best of luck to you.