Friday, May 2, 2014

Biz Whiz: 7 Tips To Promote Your Goods


You don't need wads of cash to promote you business - thank goodness! I've compiled this listing of ways for you to promote your handmade goodies on the cheap. Good luck and get yourself out there. :)

1. Tutorials are a thing to consider. Why? Because people love to learn how to make stuff and tutorials tend to be a popular post (that's why you see so many around) and a post that's often shared - which may lead people back to your blog looking for more. 
2. Create a Youtube video of your art, or you and your art, or you doing a tutorial, showing how your art process or whatever.
3. Wear your work!  I can't say how many times someone has asked me where I've purchased my tote bag, notebook, greeting card or whatever and I politely hand them a card and tell them that I didn't buy it, I made it. It makes for great conversation AND and connects you on the spot with a potential customer. 
4. Create a newsletter (Mailchimp seem to be the most popular choice to do this). It’s a fabulous way to keep in touch with your customers and let them know what you've got going on, new products, shop updates, what you're working on, discounts, giveaways, seasonal offers, etc.
5. Cross promote with other bloggers, online sellers. Everyone wants to be aligned with what's hot. If your blog, goods, brand are hot, approach others about cross promoting. You won't know if they'll do it until you ask. 
6. Consider opening another shop. Many handmakers these days have more than one shop. We all know that Etsy is uber awesome, but people are definitely utilizing others such as Storenvy, (free), Tictail (free), Big Cartel, etc.
7. Don't forget offline marketing. Hit the streets! Leave your card in places, post your cards and flyers on bulletin boards in cafes, health food stores, all over college campuses (if you live in an area that has a local college), in grocery stores, etc. Online isn't the only place to do some marketing. Off-line still holds a considerable amount of power of its own. Good luck!

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