Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Biz Whiz: Checklist For Preparing For A Craft Fair

Since the summer craft fair season is heading our way, this is a perfect time to share my list that I've compiled to help you stay organized and not feel overwhelmed as you prepare for the upcoming craft fair season. You may find some things that you will and will not need, so feel free to adapt this list to meet your needs. Enjoy!

Product Packaging Related:

. clearly priced merchandise

. customer bags

. product information signs 

. different sized boxes for purchased items

. extra price tags

. care instructions tags (for select items)

. inventory list (to keep up on sold items)

. string or jute (jute has always come in handy for me)

. newspaper or tissue paper for fragile items

Your Business Literature:

. business cards and holder 

. booth signs

. brochures / catalogs

. company name sign

. flyers

. invitations to other shows / exhibits of your works

. retail order forms / price list

. wholesale order forms / price list

. handouts (ie show schedule, flyers, etc that go in bag purchases)

Office Supplies:

. scissors

. clipboard and writing pad or notebook (to track sold items, take notes, etc.)

. paper clips

. pens and pencils 

. red marker (for sale items or other things you may need a red marker for) 

. push pins & extra tacks

. rubber bands

. safety and/or straight pins

. stapler and staples

. tape - masking, scotch, duct, packing

Sales Related:

. calculator

. cash box with change (ones, fives & tens) 

. cell phone

. charge / credit slips

. credit card equipment (unless you don't offer it)

. laptop

. receipt book 

. sales tax chart


. copy of your sales tax certificate of authority to hang in your booth (some fairs 

require this; some do not)

. craft show correspondence - directions, rules, regulations, phone notes, copy

of canceled check, etc.

. copy of application with date sent and check number

. any notes about the show - pros or cons

. guest book (to create your mailing list)

. copy of this checklist


. tent

. tent weights

. glue for repairs

. hot glue gun

. pliers

. screwdriver

. tacks

. tape measure

. wire


    . cooler with drinks & food (ie high energy foods and juices)

    . napkins

    . paper plates + plastic utensils

    . thermos

    . water bottle

    Weather Related:


    . hat (optional)

    . cool clothing

    Health Related:

    aspirin and/or any medicines you may require for the day

    . box of tissues

    . first aid kit (bandages, first aid cream, allergies meds)

    . hand lotion

    . in case of emergency - phone numbers of family members

    Cleaning Supplies:

    clean cloth rags

    . garbage bags

    . paper towels



    . accessories to decorate your table

    . cushion(s) for chair(s)

    . needle + thread

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