Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Product Preview #2: Doggie Inspired Drawstring Bags

Doggie Treats Bag/Produce Bag/Storage Bag - 890 Treats

I am having such a crush on making these sweet do-everything drawstring bags (that I also call storage sacks). 

Doggie Treats Bag/Produce Bag/Storage Bag - 68 Dog Treats

I put these lighthearted messages with random numbers on them because I thought it would be fun and would add a whimsical little touch to what would otherwise be an ordinary bag!

Doggie Storage Bag/Produce Bag/Treats Bag - I Heart My Dog

Let me say once again, that all of my bags are made from scratch. I do not buy pre-made bags that I simply add designs to. 

Doggie Storage Bag/Produce Bag/Treats Bag - Shelter Dogs Rock

Certainly, there's nothing wrong with buying pre-made bags, but for me, I prefer to make my goods by hand, from scratch, because that's the joy for me as a handmaker... to make things with my hands from scratch. (lol) 

Doggie Toy Bag/Produce Bag/Storage Bag - 34 Dog Toys

Anyhoo, even though they say toys and treats, you can use these bags for anything. I do! I like things neat and organized so I use them to store stuff. Read on to find out their many uses...

Doggie Storage Bag/Produce Bag/Treats Bag - I Heart My Dog

Ways To Use The Drawstring Bags (Storage Sacks)

1. In Your Kitchen - as produce bags and to store all different types of items.

2. In Your Bathroom - to store hair accessories, make-up, cleaning supplies and more. 

3. In Your Craft Room - to store your yarns, scissors, tape, ribbons, fabric scraps, etc. 

4. In Your Art Studio - to store paints and all kinds of art supplies.

5. In The Linen Closet - to store tissue, and other items you have in your linen closet. 

6. In The Tool Shed - to store tools, nails, screws, etc. 

7. In Your Child's Room - for super quick clean-ups to hide their toys and various bric-a-brac. 

8. Doggie Items - store you dog's leashes, chew toys, biscuits, treats, etc. 

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