Friday, August 29, 2014

Product Preview #5: Handmade Connecticut Inspired Totes

Today's the last day of the my product preview folks. Whew! It's been a treacherous week! Just kidding. It's been simply a nutty but happy, overly busy but productive, high energy week full of...

smiles, family goodness, laughter, meeting awesome new people, Godchild love, technology issues, finishing up this fall product line, getting ready to start teaching my fall classes, planning for the holiday season...

and most of all, getting ready for the RE-LAUNCH OF THIS HERE BLOG ON MONDAY. Woop! Woop!  

Tune in for the re-launch on Monday or after the holiday. Whenev...just come back. (wink, wink) Have a Happy and Super Safe Labor Day everybody! Much love!!

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