Monday, August 11, 2014

What's A Good Blog In Your Opinion?

I was reading a popular art blog today and the post spoke about people reading less, doing more skimming AND leaving less comments. As I'm prepare to relaunch my own blog, this post, of course, caught my attention.

I, too, have noticed these things that I was reading about. I'm always shocked when I go to a super popular blog and there are few comments under any given post. But then I think, "hey, sometimes people don't always have a moment to spare for commenting".

So, this got me to thinking about what we consider a good blog and what makes us follow and keep up on a particular blog...which in turn leads me to the question of what blogs do you like to pop in on and why? Do they give you personal inspiration? Do they help you run your business? Do they teach you how to make things? What moves you and keeps you coming back for more?

Just wonderin'... :)


  1. A good blog introduces me to something new or a different point of view. This can be the case in how to run my business (how can I do things better, what don't I know that you can share with me).

    1. Thanks Lawrence for your insightful comment. :)