Thursday, September 4, 2014

8 Awesome Reasons To Buy Handmade

1. You support local artists, crafters, artisans, which in turn supports your local economy and the community.
2. You get original, unique, oftentimes one-of-a-kind, built-to-last products that can't be found anywhere and these products are made with an extreme level of love, pride and consciousness that is definitely not found in big box stores.
3. You have the opportunity to meet, engage, converse with one-on-one, and develop a relationship with the artisan who made the items you wish to purchase and this, my friends, is a really cool experience that, I repeat, you absolutely cannot get from a big box store. 
4. You’re helping the environment.  Handmade products aren’t made in a waste-producing factory and shipped around the world using fuel and energy.  Buying handmade  can greatly reduce your environmental carbon footprint and engaging in sustainable practices is always a good thing.
5. You'll have the best gifts in your circle and you gifts will definitely have people asking, "hey, where did you get that?"
6. One stop shopping: you can purchase items for your circle your home, yourself, your partner, your kids, your dog, your cat, your can buy most anything from handmakers at a handmade fair - soaps, body scrubs, hats, scarves, clothing, bags, greeting cards, notebooks, gift tags, dog goods, magnets, dolls, toys, etc...The list goes on and on and on.
7. Can you say custom made?  In the handmade world, you deal personally with the handmaker, so you can approach them directly with a custom order. If you see something you like in their shop, but you want it in a specific color, size, shape or whatever, you know right where to go to ask them because their contact information is easily accessible (or at least it should be).
8. Warm fluffy fuzzies! All the reasons cited above gift you with the feeling of warm fluffy fuzzies. Plus, you've helped an artisan live their passion. You've purchased items that they put their heart, soul, love and selves into and you've supported their business that they put countless hours, days, weeks, months and years into. Creatives don't work a 40 hour work week. Hours are endlessly long but we don't care because we LOVE what we do. We live and breath art and creating so when you buy handmade, you do so, so much for the artisans, the environment, those you're buying for, yourselves, the economy, and so much more and we appreciate your action, your support and your love of handmade. Thank you all so deeply. :)

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