Sunday, August 31, 2014

Meet Crafty DogSmith!

Crafty DogSmith

What is Crafty DogSmith? It's my new line of dog goods that includes totes, leashes, magnets, drawstring bags, dog beds (coming soon), and paper goods (also coming soon). 

 photo craftydogsmithtotes_zps1e3e530c.jpg

 photo craftydogsmithmagnets_zpse02155a5.jpg

 photo craftydogsmith7_zps6f5318b6.jpg

I've wanted to create a dog line for the last few years and the stars finally lined up, allowing me to do so. Why a dog line? Well, for starters, I LOVE dogs and I'm heartbroken when I hear of an abused or homeless animal. Also, I wanted to contribute to animal shelters and non-profit animal organizations
that help homeless dogs (which is why many of the messages I put on the products relate to dog adoptions). That said, a portion of the proceeds from everything sold in the Crafty DogSmith shop will go to help homeless dogs. Hope all you dog lovers out there enjoy my sweet doggie goodies.

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