Thursday, September 18, 2014

Tracy Flavored DIY: How To Make An Art Journal Part 2

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Last week, I showed you how to make a simple and fast art journal. This week, is a continuation of my journal making activities, except this version is about embellishing your journal with whatever you choose to embellish it with. Ready?


- notebook
- decorative papers
- glue
- pencil
- paper cutter
- rounded corner paper punch
- scissors

 photo bd386a4d-26c7-4f4e-b02a-34daa21adc67_zpscc5f5dec.jpg

- Trace the notebook cover onto the backside of your paper (this time I chose brown paper).

 photo notebookjournalpart2007words_zps66dfc13e.jpg

- Place the paper on your paper cutter and cut on the lines you just drew. On the side where there is no line, cut down your paper where the top and bottom lines end.

 photo notebookjournalpart2010words_zpsbd7fcd91.jpg

- If your notebook has rounded edges (like mine), use a rounded corner paper punch to punch the top and bottom corners of the paper.

 photo notebooktutorialpart2005words_zps89944b5b.jpg

- Start embellishing the top of your journal. Some ideas include collage - hand rip different types of decorative papers and glue them on, cut out shapes with paper punchers and glue those on, add elements of embroidery, add stencils or hand lettering (like I did. I prefer to do my own lettering)... and the list goes on. Use your imagination and see what you come up with. 

 photo notebookjournalpart2055words_zpsd7f63b90.jpg

- In my case, I used only one sheet of paper so using my paintbrush, I applied a coat of glue to the back of the paper.

 photo notebookjournalpart2026words_zps82650485.jpg

- Line up the paper on the notebook and smooth gently, but firmly in place.

 photo notebookjournalpart2060words_zps02b7b3f9.jpg

- Optional Step: I cut a strip of decorative paper to the height of the notebook and a width that will cover the seam. Apply a layer of glue to the back of the paper and adhere it to the seam of the notebook.

 photo notebooktutorial2_zpsa281f048.jpg

There ya go! One hand-lettered art journal, ready to receive drawings, doodles, product design sketches, fabric swatches, hand lettering experiments and a multitude of creative ideas. Enjoy your new journal!

NOTE: If you want to add decorative paper to the back of your journal, let the front of the notebook dry first before you start on the back.

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