Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Tracy Flavored DIY: How To Make An Upcycled Business Card Case Part 2

 photo bizcardtutorial3024words_zpsac74bb91.jpg yesterday I showed you how to upcycle wool scraps (that formerly lived as a wool sweater), into a super easy business card case. Today, I used the same formula to make the basic case (instructions here), except this time, I embellished it with these sweet flowers that I found in my recycled jar of ribbons and what-nots.

 photo bizcardtutorial3002words_zpsd7eddd38.jpg

. I cut out my rectangle, snipped off the corners (of one end) into a triangle, added my flowers and button (I would suggest adding your button as the last step). I just added the button at an earlier stage for today's abbreviated instructional. 

 photo bizcardtutorial3010words_zps1942423c.jpg

. Fold the bottom of the case to meet the triangular corners of the top flap. Pin in place and sew the sides.

 photo bizcardtutorial3024words2_zps1ececc88.jpg

. Fold the top flap (the triangular corners) over the button to mark where your buttonhole should be and cut a slit for your buttonhole. Cut the slit slightly smaller than the button, so the button will be more secure in the hole. 

 photo bizcardtutorial3027words_zps2fd15033.jpg

That today's short and sweet version of how to make this business card case. For thorough instructions, check out Part 1 of this tutorial here

 photo bizcardtutorial3017words_zps3de74959.jpg

Have fun with this tutorial and remember that you can embellish this case with whatever you have in your goody bag - like buttons, ribbons, beads, embroidery and whatever. It's all about having fun and recycling! Until next time, happy recycle-crafting!

*This tutorial is dedicated to all the handmade business owners out there who wear so many hats and work so tremendously hard every day, but are fortunate to live their passion! You rock!

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