Friday, October 10, 2014

Foodie Friday: Turn Ordinary Fruit Into A Divine Dessert

I'm not a big fruit eater...generally speaking. Well, that's all behind me now because the game has changed. Lately, I'm all about the fruit. I've had this obsession with heating up fruit lately and I gotta's been workin' for me. (lol)

Here's what I do:

. wash my fruit 
. peel off the skin (although with the plums, I left the skin on and, uh, yum!) 
. slice them into small squares
. put them in a wee pan with a smidge of water and add a bit of honey 
. put a top on the pan 
. turn on the lowest heat and let them simmer.

The result: delish!  I cannot wait to incorporate the different fruit compotes into my Thanksgiving dinner. Coming next on my fruit calendar of events: I must learn how to make real jam.

 photo fruitposter_zpsacbc4036.jpg

1. This is a recipe to play with. Some folks with want their compote to be very sweet, others won't want it so sweet. You can experiment with the type of sweeteners - honey, agave, raw sugar, molasses, etc.
2. You can also experiment with keeping the skin on versus not.
3. Some fruit require less added water, while others need a smidge more.

It's all about experimenting with the different fruits and making the compotes to fit your taste buds. Enjoy!

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  1. I agree...fresh strawberry preserves are worthy of a bucket list!