Tuesday, January 20, 2015


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Okay, so you know that last weekend was my entry into the Farmer's Market scene at Food In Root and here's the scoop......it was a blast!! I had lots of fun meeting attendees, the other vendors were friendly and awesome, there were dogs everywhere (woohoo), and there was a lovely moment when, as I was setting up my booth, the sun that was beaming over my head was suddenly covered up by 2 very sweet gentlemen who carefully covered me + my booth with an extra tent they had in tow (I was very moved by that gesture) and, to top it all off, the weather was fa.bu.lous! 

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My decision to participate last Saturday was a bit sudden and I wasn't as prepared as I would've liked, but it didn't stop me from having fun and next weekend will be a different story. I'm going to have way more goods, lots of new stuff (like dog beds and super cool leashes) and I'm definitely working on designing my booth, which will certainly improve as time goes on. My head is buzzing with different design ideas I'm working on. 

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This week, I'll be posting some of the goodies that I'll bring with me next Saturday, so stay tuned for that. 
Thanks to Tim, the guys who lent me the tent, the folks who stopped by my booth and my mega awesome friends who came by to support me! 

I loved meeting and chatting with folks who popped by my booth and I hope to meet plenty more of you this Saturday! Oh, yes, since I had so much fun last weekend, I'm heading back this weekend!  :)

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  1. Good for you! It looked like the perfect day for vending. Glad you had an amazing experience. Wishing you all the best the next weekend. Yep, you gotta get a tent.