Wednesday, March 11, 2015

HaLo Doodle #13 + Happy Lovey Art Project Update

Happy Lovey Art Project Update

It didn't take long to realize that doing an art project with your own funds costs some money. (lol) There's printing costs (oh my gosh, the printing costs!), gas, supplies (cardstock, pens, staples, bags, decorative paper, fabric), blah, blah, get the picture.

Given the fact that I am loving this - I love creating something that puts a smile on someone's face, I love making someone happy in that moment and, of course, I love creating and giving away happy, fun, inspirational artwork that hopefully has an impact on those who get them - I plan to continue doing this art project for as long as possible.

That said, I've decided to create products to sell in my shop to help defray the costs of operating this project. It's the most logical path to take, so I'll start adding prints to my shop today at 12 noon and look for other products that I'll make related to the Happy Lovey Art Project. Stay tuned...

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