Monday, March 23, 2015

International Day of Happiness Recap

Above are a few of my sweet reminders of Tucson's International Day of Happiness last Friday. It was a lovely day chock full of great people, great events and great vibes!

{image from Do Happy Today}
I do so love a smiley face.

Here's a poster I created for the IDOH that was presented to the Mayor, by the event organizer, Anita Fonte. That was a highlight! 

{image from Do Happy Today}

The awesome organizer of Tucson's International Day of Happiness, Anita Fonte - cheering Tucson On!!

Love those signs that the volunteers were holding! Great idea! Also, loved the orange t-shirts they were sporting! Such a great slogan!!

The whole event was wonderful! I'm so grateful that I was invited to partake in the event and that serendipity was doing its thing, by bringing me and the Do Happy Today folks together. That whole thing was so ironic and magical and, well, seredipitous! :)

BIG thank you to Anita Fonte, as well as the co-creators of Do Happy Today, the volunteers and all of the happy, happy people in attendance at all of the mega awesome [Do Happy Today] events that they put together in celebration of the International Day of Happiness!!!