Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My Illustrations Are In March/April Issue of Edible Baja Arizona Magazine! :D

I'm very honored and appreciative that my illustrations are featured in the March/April issue of Edible Baja Arizona Magazine and truly excited that it happened during my birthday month. It's always nice to see one's hard work paying off and believe me, I am #workingmybuttoff.

Even though one can say that I started late in the field of art, I feel like it's truly #nevertoolatetofollowyourdreams and #itsnevertoolatetobecomewhatyoumighthavebeen. Cheers to following your dreams! :)

One never tires of seeing one's published work. I love the discolored paper that they used for the article. It has a great texture and quality to it.

Love, love, love Edible Communities Publications because they're totally in line with my brand and my life. It's all about good, healthy, whole foods, sustainable living, diy, growing your own food, knowing where your food comes from, etc., as well as all things local. Love it!!

Many thanks to Steve from Edible Baja Arizona for hiring me for this gig!!

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