Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Find: Sweet Box of Mini Cards + Gift Tags

I have no idea where this box of sweet, little cards and tags came from, but how happy I was to find them in my belongings. Ah...for the love of vintage! :D

My first thought when I found them was "who could I gift them to" - followed by a humongous smile. That sweet thought was followed by my second thought - that of a winy 6 year old who was thinking..."I don't wanna". My third thought reverted back to maturity along the lines of "hmm...I don't think I want to part with them to anyone who will not treasure their sweetness as much as I. 

Ultimate decision, they will be used on special occasions and for special people and they may...just may, be incorporated into a collage, or two. ;)

Have a lovely weekend!

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