Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Lovey Art Project Handmade Hearts A Plenty!

Made some hearts that will be incorporated into the Happy Lovey Art Project; some way, some how.

I tend to make things in a pristine and polished manner, but for these hearts, I wanted to take a different route and give them a somewhat unpolished look, with unfinished edges and willy-nilly stitches. Perhaps, I was trying to make them look more vintage-ish, without going all out and tea-dying them (Mamita doesn't have time for that).  

They made a soft debut at The Market Collective two weekends ago, but I'm still working through how they're going to be incorporated into the project, if I'm going to add more ephemera, if I'll offer them in different sizes, if I'll include them in the Happy Lovey Art Project Packages, or hang them up around town...decisions, decisions, decisions. I'll let you know here first, so stay tuned to see what becomes of them. :)

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