Monday, April 6, 2015

The Tale Of A Sweet, Broken Down, Street Find Ladder

My current crush and first Tucson street find = this frail, neglected, brow beaten, mega, awesome treasure of a ladder. I paid a recent visit to the library and as I was leaving, I passed a huge dumpster and laying against the side of the dumpster was this sweetness, just beckoning for me to save it. 

As I walked to the car, my eyes were fixated on this ladder and yet somehow, I began to drive past it, following the path to leave the parking lot. Suddenly, something kicked me in the head and I found myself hurriedly backing up to scoop up MY ladder...all the while reeling my friendie into my diy-junk-retrieving-escapade. (Friendie, by the way, is not into junk or anything old, but still supports my junk-loving proclivities, because that's what friendies do - lol).

Anyhoo, I put old, broken down ladder into the vehicle and happily drove away with an infinite amount of creative ideas/plans that I have for my newly found treasure. PS: don't be surprised it you see it at Open Studios in a couple of weeks - all gleaming and shiny. Ha, ha!

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