Thursday, April 9, 2015

Throwback Thursday: My Old School Recycled Plush Dolls, Monsters + Notebooks

Some of my 'old school' plush dolls that I came across on a website that featured my work back in 2010. I was making lots of detail oriented plush dolls back then.

Wow! It's wild to look at your work from back in the day as compared to where you are today. It brings up lots of different emotions to witness that hourney in photos...trippy!

Oh, how I loved to make monsters back then! I could let my imagination soar. So fun!

Maila is the above abstract dog that I thought ws quite cool at the time - even though she was veeery labor intensive. Somewhere along the line back then, I started conceiving and designing my own dolls, doll patterns and other products. I never get tired of designing and making. Love it!!!

My notebooks were kind of rough around the edge back in the day. I think they're a bit more polished these days. He, we all start somewhere. (lol)

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