Thursday, July 9, 2015

Tracyville Mini Prints + Frame = Cuteness!

On a recent voyage to my local Goodwill, I found this fabulous frame made from reclaimed wood. I LOVE IT!

Awesome thing about this delicious frame? It turned out to be the perfect size for a Tracyville 'Mini' - my smaller sized art prints that are 4" x 6". It couldn't be more perfect! Want a Tracyville Mini for yourself or someone else? Hit up the store here at 12 noon today.

By the way, this pretty, blue, lady will hang quite nicely in my studio. ;]


Oh, my gosh! I love the back of this frame and love how they used another piece of wood as the glass holder. And let's not forget to mention the hardware to hold in the wood that holds in the glass...fabulous!!

Isn't she beautiful? (lol) When I saw this frame on the Goodwill shelf, my eyes started glowing because I'd just encountered a 'find'. After I got home and opened it up to clean off the glass and whatnot, I found the below note, which I also loved because it looked handwritten (love their branding). The note said: Laville Frames, Inc. "Our handcrafted frames are created from the ruins of 150 year old cypress plantation buildings. The aged and weathered appearance is nature's gift."

So I was like 1) this frame has never been used and 2) 150 year old cypress plantation buildings? While I'm not crazy about the word plantation, I am crazy about the reclaimed aesthetic they have going on, since the whole premise of my handmakery is recycle, rethink and reuse. Once this frame!! 

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